CLAE is elevating its status with the introduction of its Standard Premium sole. Developed to challenge the status quo of the premium sneaker market, the sole updates the look and functionality of the classic sneaker base with a universal shape that can hold both athletic and casual uppers, while providing enhanced durability and support. The signature protruding tread details add strength and comfort, allowing for enhanced height and prolonged usage.

The silhouette of the Standard Premium sole has been fitted and refined to the exact millimeter, ensuring that shape and proportion are given equal importance as style. The finished product has universal appeal - not too wide and not too narrow - while offering top-grade style and the ultimate in versatility.

The new Standard Premium sole is available on three of CLAE's classic silhouettes: Ellington, Gregory and Hamilton. Designated as Ellington SP, Gregory SP and Hamilton SP, all three silhouettes merge hand crafted quality with modern aesthetics.