CLAE X PONE - Interview & Mix

For the release of his long awaited album,”Radiant”,  we caught up with Pone to talk about his inspirations and the achievement of his first solo album. He did also put together a nice mix for CLAE titled "waiting for the sun" to please our ears.

There are parties, then there are those standout unforgettable parties. When it comes to nights like these and getting a crowd jumping, there’s no one better than Pone. Working with volumes and with a cool self-assurance, he effortlessly shifts from electro to hip-hop and back to rap, delivering sets that keep you wanting more track after track. 

Born Thomas Parent, Pone has been at the forefront of the music scene for more than 20 years. Now approaching his 40th birthday, he’s still a renowned, internationally-acclaimed DJ, known for his work with Double H, Scred Connexion, Svinkels, Triptik and Birdy Nam Nam to name a few. He’s also one half of the band SARH, a melodic electro-pop duo he formed with indie rocker José Reis Fontao.
Still, it’s his solo work that is the most representative of who he is as an artist and creator. To introduce his new albumRadiant,” Pone provided CLAE with an exclusive mix titled, “Waiting for the Sun.” He also took time out to answer a few questions.

What is the inspiration behind this new album? How is it different from your previous work?

After a period of doubt and solitude I wanted to start from scratch, and so I conducted a sort-of musical self-examination. I decided that I wanted to make energetic, intense and more solar electronic sounds; a cosmic ride of some sort. Also, working alone, without a band or crew, gave me the freedom to express myself differently this time around. 

How did the Mobb Deep sample (Pone samples “Shook Ones Part II” on the track, “M.F.C.”) come about? 

My area of expertise is hip-hop and Mobb Deep were major artists who inspired my interest in rap many years ago. I’ve been actively engaged and working in hip-hop ever since. The voice and the meaning of his song fit perfectly on the track. I didn’t have to look too long; it was obvious.

What's your favorite part of touring? What kind of crowd or listener gets you the most excited?

I like to play my music and share it with the public; it doesn’t matter if they are many or few. The stage is, by far, the place where I feel the best. This pleasure, for me, comes from an entire process. A flawless routine and obsessive training, right up to the tiniest details, so I can feel perfectly ready when the time comes. In fact, I don’t believe that changing a set, night after night is really what creates the live experience. It is more so our ability to capture the atmosphere, the mood and those little indescribable details that make the experience unique.

Tell us about the “Waiting for the Sun” mix you’ve made for CLAE. What can listeners expect? 

I have a very emotional relationship to music and eclecticism is very important to me. That’s why I try to be consistent in my mixes while taking people on a journey. It’s all about creating an atmosphere.

How would you describe your musical style and how it has evolved? 

I would say that trip-hop has an eclecticism in which I recognize myself under. I like how we can link a very electronic sound with a rap or hip hop beat and also tie it in with pop culture. I think my album belongs to this family of diverse yet uniting styles.
Photographer : Kid Santo